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Susan Hicks, le

Owner, Licensed Esthetician
Susan is a licensed medical esthetician and founder of Skintuition Skincare Boutique. Susan and her team are on a mission to provide each and every client with ethical, result-focused skincare. For almost a decade Susan has passionately worked as a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist. 

Having trained under prominent medical and alternative health practitioners, in both Chicago and New York-

She carefully creates unique treatments combining advanced technology with non-toxic skincare to obtain optimal skin health and revision.

Susan loves working on skin revision and educating clients on how to maintain healthy skin in and out of the treatment room. 



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Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown, le

Licensed Esthetician
Brittany received her esthetician license at PJS College of Cosmetology in Louisville, Kentucky.

She is excited to share her knowledge to help others through their own skin journey. She understands  how it feels to be self-conscious about their skin and wants to help others achieve healthy, glowing skin.

She believes it is important to educate her clients not only on what is happening within their skin but what they can do at home and in treatment to achieve their skin goals.

Brittany is a certified Acne Specialist through Face Reality Skin Care and offers customized facials, chemical peel and acne treatments.

Brittany is currently working towards her DMK certification.
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kind words

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Do you know that “new hair” feeling you have after a good hair cut until you next wash your hair? That’s how Susan makes my face feel, except the glow lasts 2 weeks! Now that I’m in my 30s, skincare is really important to me from an anti-aging perspective. Susan has consistently used products on me that work for my skin. I trust her to keep my skin looking it’s best and would recommend her to anyone looking for an informed esthetician.

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Savanna H.

Brittany ensured I felt comfortable during the entire treatment by telling me next steps and making sure I was comfortable with each part of the dermaplane facial! Skin feels amazing post treatment. Highly recommend!

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Shelbie H.

I have been doing the acne boot camp offered by Susan and it has been nothing short of amazing! Acne has always been my biggest insecurity and has made it to where I feel comfortable and confident not covering my face anymore. Susan is awesome! She is the guru of skincare and always there to answer questions or give recommendations. I am so great full for her and am so happy with my results!

Tops Magazine July 2021


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